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  • Fine-grained wet-strength paper
  • Fine-grained wet-strength paper
It is made of all vegetable fibers by wet netting. The paper is soft, strong in tension, good in evenness, fine in texture and little chip loss. It has super absorbency, high wet strength, uniform in width, thickness and moisture. The wet strong paper is also called absorbent paper. It can be divided into fine lines and beautiful lines according to the form of wrinkles. It can be customized according to different requirements of customers.
Uses: Widely used in lens wiping, mobile phone wiping, LCD screen wiping, medical and other industries.
Quantitative weight: 35g/m2, 40g/m2, 42g/m2 can also be customized according to customers.
Width: 1400mm/150mm/200mm can also be customized according to customers.


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